M81-SSM and Lake Shore MeasureLINK™ software

MeasureLINK splash screen

Lake Shore MeasureLINK™ optional PC software is an easy, non-programming way to coordinate sophisticated electrical measurements as source or environment parameters change over time.

  • Install application packs
    • They provide access to temperature, field, and electrical instrumentation drivers
  • Build a system configuration that includes all of the instruments in the experiment
    • Monitor and control the instruments from the Monitor pane
  • Build a sequence using drag-and-drop components to control temperature, field, and electrical parameter sweeps
  • Collect data from the experiment and export it to your favorite analysis tool
  • Need to build an experiment that isn’t fully supported? No problem, simply build a similar drag-and-drop sequence and export it to a custom programming environment for final customizations. No problem is too complex to handle.

The MeasureLINK interface

MeasureLINK interface

Example measurement sequence

In a temperature-dependent electrical measurement, Step 1 would be to set up a discrete temperature loop, with start, end, and step temperature values.MeasureLINK measurement sequence 1

Step 2: Configure the electrical source sweep, which includes specifying the instrument, source mode (voltage or current, source shape [DC or AC]), followed by the loop configuration parameters, such as sweep variable (amplitude, frequency, or offset) and related start, end, and step parameters. MeasureLINK measurement sequence 2

Step 3: Add an electrical measurement step. Start execution and then collect the data in a table for easy export to your favorite analysis program.MeasureLINK measurement sequence 3

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