Smaller active areas

FP Series probes feature 2Dex™ Hall sensors with significantly smaller active areas than in previous generation products. This results in improved spatial resolution and reduced signal averaging, useful when measuring fields close to a source where field gradients can be extreme.

The 2Dex™ sensors have a much smaller and more precise active area


Better 3-axis measurements

2Dex™ 3-axis magnetic sensors have been designed to maximize orthogonality between x, y, and z sensor elements, resulting in more accurate vector magnitude measurements when field direction is unknown or changing.

Temperature compensation

Hall effect sensors have several characteristics that vary with temperature, resulting in Hall voltage levels that can change slightly with temperature changes. 2Dex™ sensors used in FP Series probes are inherently stable with temperature, however, this can be improved further with active temperature compensation.

An integrated temperature sensor at the tip of every probe relays temperature data to the teslameter. These readings are used to determine temperature offsets and compensate for them over the standard workplace ambient temperature ranges.  

Temperature compensation


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