Firmware update process

The easiest way to update instrument firmware is online:

  1. Provide the instrument with an Internet connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. Access update screen (System settings > Update)
  3. The instrument will detect the latest firmware version, follow on-screen prompts to download and install the update

Updating an offline instrument is accomplished with the following steps:

  1. Click on the desired version number below. This is a link to the .lsfw firmware update file
  2. Copy or save the .lsfw file onto the root directory of a USB flash drive. Make sure it is the only .lsfw file in that location
  3. Plug the flash drive into the USB-C port on the back of the instrument, if you don't have a newer flash drive with a USB-C connection, use the adapter that was supplied with the instrument
  4. Restart the instrument to be given the option to perform a firmware update.
  5. Disconnect the USB flash drive once the update is complete

F71/F41 firmware changelog

Rev 1.4.2019061411 - 2019-06-14


  • NEW FEATURE: Corrected analog voltage out for X, Y, Z, or magnitude field readings
  • Bias current cancellation - Found a way to further improve TruZero™. Residual offsets are now more consistent when switching probes between different teslameters, reducing offsets overall in some cases.
  • New FETCh:BUFFer:CLEar command that clears the buffer instead of having to read out all 128 buffered values. Useful for reducing the time it takes for the first buffer request to complete (fewer buffered values = faster response time).
  • Port number can now be set when using TCP/IP to communicate with the instrument
  • Serial port configuration details are now displayed on the Connectivity settings page as reference information


  • Various quality of life improvements to Python drivers
  • The input state bitwise values were swapped when requesting buffered data. These values now report correctly.
  • Digital input states can no longer be toggled by tapping on them
  • Unit sometimes crashed when tapping on Firmware version in the About section of System settings
  • Fixed Ethernet lockup issue with a full OS update to version 2.5.4 (270 MB). See instructions for update process.

Remaining known bugs

  • Fetching field values while the instrument is ranging or overloaded will cause the instrument to ignore that request. Still deciding on the best way to handle this in a way that conforms with SCPI rules, but is still useful.

Rev 1.2.2019030102 - 2019-03-01


  • Fixed a field control issue where a small slew rate setting caused field control instability

Rev 1.2.2019020602 - 2019-02-06


  • Fixed an issue with IP address assignment after an OS update

Rev 1.2.2019011608 - 2019-01-16


  • NEW FEATURE: Native Python drivers
  • NEW FEATURE: Cryogenic excitation added as an optional drive setting, allowing the user to reduce sensor power and minimize self-heating at the cost of resolution


  • Improved buffered data formatting (see instrument manual for details)


  • General stability and operational improvements for SCPI commands (SCPI crashing when sent semi-colons and SCPI responding while the instrument is asleep)

  • Fixed an issue where the screen would grey out after the instrument had been on for 1 to 2 weeks PLEASE NOTE: This change requires a full OS update to version 2.5.2. See instructions for update process.

Rev 1.1.2018101004 - 2018-10-10


  • Removed an unnecessary software module that caused errors to be displayed periodically


  • Made a change to USB connection parameters, adding RTS/CTS flow control to make buffered data streaming more robust. PLEASE NOTE: This change requires an OS update to version 2.5.1 in addition to these regular firmware updates. Please contact Lake Shore Service if you are updating to this firmware for assistance.

Rev 1.1.2018091003 - 2018-09-10


  • NEW FEATURE: Closed-loop field control commands, settings and UI. Ready for upcoming field control option card hardware
  • Probe high frequency compensation - providing more accurate measurement of high-frequency fields
  • NEW FEATURE: Buffered data streaming - for continuous acquisition of timestamped readings using SCPI commands
  • New drivers: LabVIEW and IVI


  • Layout of the main menu drawer improved
  • Moved temperature reporting from top taskbar to a new card on the home screen to avoid unresponsiveness of other taskbar elements
  • Other general UI improvements
  • Improved accuracy of frequency detection in AC and HF mode


  • In AC Mode, RMS readings sometimes spiked when DC offsets were high
  • Improved error notifications
  • General program stability improvements reducing the chance of the instrument having to recover itself
  • Changing the Digital I/O functions using SCPI commands were not replicated on the UI
  • SOURCE:AOUT? query timed out

Rev 1.0.2018060702 - 2018-06-07

Initial release