Easily execute measurement routines and experiments

The 8600 Series comprehensive Windows®-based software simplifies the process of acquiring data. The flexible software allows the user to monitor the real-time performance of the VSM and to construct measurement sequences from a set of predefined controls. The menu-driven graphical user interface (GUI) provides the ability to control field and temperature to a specific setpoint or to loop these parameters through a range of settings with a specified step value. Predefined measurement controls are also provided to complete individual moment readings, hysteresis loops and even collect first order reversal curve (FORC) data. The sequences can be saved and recalled for repeated measurements.

The interface also simplifies the implementation of the three GlideLOCK™ temperature options (86-OVEN, 86-CRYO, and 86-SSVT) by automatically detecting and displaying each option as it is plugged into the system. With the integrated Model 705 gas controller, the software can provide automated, unattended VSM measurements throughout the entire temperature range (4.2 K to 1273 K).

Advanced data processing capabilities of the software include expand and offset data, correct for demagnetization and slope factors, normalize for sample mass and volume, subtract substrate corrections and backgrounds from measurement data, calculate and display derivative curves, and much more.

In addition to measuring magnetization curves and magnetization vs. time or temperature, the 8600 Series VSM provides insight for a host of measurements including:

  • Hysteresis loop
  • Isothermal remnant magnetization
  • DC demagnetization remanence
  • Minor loops
  • FORC
  • M(T)—temperature dependent magnetization
  • M(Θ)—rotational hysteresis and anisotropy

Custom scripting

For customized experiments, the 8600 Series VSM offers advanced scripting capabilities through an integrated interface easily accessible from the data acquisition tab in the software. Scripting is extremely useful for implementing customized VSM functionality that may not have been implemented in the standard software release. High level system calls are exposed so that the user can easily control the VSM data collection process and interweave external process calls. The script window enables you to capture the predefined measurements to view as a script. This is useful for understanding exactly how the 8600 is executing the measurements, but also provides an easy way to create a starting template for customized measurements. This powerful addition to the software puts the researcher fully in control of their unique measurement process.

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