Easy sample rod exchange and sample rotation

The 8600 Series VSM’s motorized head brings the sample to a comfortable height for easy exchange of sample rods. The QuickLIGN™ quick-release coupling mechanism allows the rod to slide smoothly into the measurement collar and lock securely in place — simple enough to do with one hand.

The autorotation feature offers full software-based control over sample rotation about the z-axis. The sample can be continuously rotated in either direction.

QuickLIGN™ sample installation

ExactGAP™ magnet indexing

Electromagnet and sample holder options

The 8600 Series VSM offers three models based on variable-gap 4-inch, 7-inch, or 10-inch electromagnets, all of which offer a stability of 0.05%/day. The ExactGAP™ pole gap indexing of the 4 in and 7 in magnets makes it fast and easy to reconfigure the magnet gap for the required sample or option size.  A variety of sample holders accommodate thin films, solids, powders, liquids, and bulk materials.

GlideLOCK™ temperature option alignment

The GlideLOCK™ alignment system was created to simplify the insertion and removal of all three temperature options in to 8600 VSM providing rapid, repeatable sample positioning in all configurations. (8604/8607 only.)

slide the tray out

place the temp option

slide the tray back

Rapid temperature option change

8600 Series GlideLOCK™ variable temperature options include a low-temperature LHe/LN2 cryostat, a high-temperature oven, and single stage variable temperature (SSVT) insert. All three quickly click into place and are auto-detected, the software automatically displaying controls for the specific option.

ExactGAP™ repeatable pole gap indexing minimizes delays when an option change is required. Use preset gap settings for each temperature option or sample holder to quickly move the caps to a precise, precalibrated position, and do so repeatedly without having to manually recalibrate for each setting.

GlideLOCK™ option alignment

Automated wide temperature operation

When using the temperature options, the 8600 Series VSM supports fully automated unattended variable temperature operation across the full temperature range of each option spanning 4.2 K to 1273 K. The Model 705 gas controller automates the gas handling and manages the exhaust gas to prevent unsafe venting of extreme temperature gases and icing of exhaust port when venting cryogenic gases.

These features work together to provide the most precise positioning possible


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