QuickLIGN™ Sample Rods and Holders

Use sample rods and corresponding sample holders, or choose one of the integrated rod/holders to meet your application needs.

Room temperature and cryogenic application sample rod and holders

86-SR-0935 fiberglass sample rod with Kel-F thread

fiberglass sample rod

Sample holders for 86-SR-0935

Sample holderSample orientationHolder materialMinimum ExactGAP™ index
730931Powder disposable cupKel-F®2 (8 mm)
730933Thin film side mountKel-F®
730934Thin film bottom mount Kel-F®
730935Liquid disposable cupKel-F®
86-SH-0840Gel cap straw mountKel-F®
86-SH-0841Disposable gel caps and straws (1000 count)*Gelatin
*Room temperature only
sample holders
sample holders
sample holders

High temperature application sample rod and holders

86-SR-0932 quartz sample rod with BN thread


Sample holders for 86-SR-0932

Sample holderSample orientationHolder materialExactGAP™ index
730937Disposable BN cupBNOVEN—5 (6.4 mm)
SSVT—3 (6.4 mm)
730938Thin film side mountBN
730939Thin film bottom mount BN
high temp sample holder
high temp sample holder
high temp sample holder

Single piece integrated sample rods/holders (for room temperature and cryogenic applications)

Integrated sample rod/holderSample orientationMaterialGapMinimum ExactGAP™ index
86-IS-0930Bottom mountQuartzStandard gap2 (8 mm)
86-IS-0931Side mountQuartzStandard gap2 (8 mm)
86-IS-0937Side mountQuartzSmall gap1 (3.5 mm)
86-IS-0938Bottom mountQuartzSmall gap1 (3.5 mm)
86-IS-0933Side mountFiberglassSmall gap1 (3.5 mm)
86-IS-0934Bottom mountFiberglassSmall gap1 (3.5 mm)


Sample assemblies included with base system and options

 Sample holdersSample rodsSingle piece integrated sample rod/holder
 Kel-F powder disposable cupKel-F thin film side mountKel-F thin film bottom mountKel-F liquid disposable cupDisposable BN cupBN thin film side mountBN thin film bottom mountQuartz sample rod, BN threadFiberglass sample rod, Kel-F threadQuartz bottom mountQuartz side mountFiberglass side mount (small gap)Fiberglass bottom mount (small gap)
Base system3331    1  11
With cryostat         11  
With oven    1111 11  
With SSVT    1111 11  

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