The need to characterize new and emerging materials continues to push the limits of electromagnet-based VSM systems. The 8600 Series VSM steps up to meet the most demanding material research applications.

Extremely fast data acquisition cycles make the system ideal for research environments where rapid measurement results can accelerate the discovery of important new properties. QuickLIGN™ sample holders are offered for thin film, liquid, powder, and bulk samples, making the VSM an excellent choice for busy labs with varying sample measurement needs.

The high sensitivity of the 8600 Series VSM particularly benefits research into low moment materials such as ultra-thin magnetic films and multilayers, nanoscale magnetic materials, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and paleomagnets.

The system benefits applications involving the study of:

  • Natural magnets (rocks, sediments, etc.)
  • Nanoscale wires, particles, nano-crystalline alloys, etc.
  • Magnetic semiconductors
  • Ferrofluids
  • Magnetic thin films and multi-layers
  • Ferrites and permanent magnets, including rare-earth materials
  • Magnetocaloric effect materials
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