The fully integrated IDEAS VSM software uses an intuitive Windows® interface for system operation, data acquisition, and analysis. Select a default experiment profile or customize your own profile to run a virtually unlimited number of experiments.

Set up and execute measurement routines and experiments quickly and easily. All system parameters and functions are controlled for unattended operation and any number of parameters can be automatically extracted from hysteresis loop data. Real-time field-dependent response tracks field changes for accurate curve shape definitions and parameter extraction.

Substrate corrections and backgrounds can be easily subtracted from measurement data. Calculate and display derivative curves, automatically remove offsets, and determine measurement results. Display real-time feedback of processed data in both tabular and graphical form in CGS or SI units.

Define Sample Parameters

Define sample parameters before or after recording data.

define sample parameters

Moment vs. Field Setup

Set up a field experiment in either continuous or point-by-point mode.

Moment vs. Field Setup

Ramp Generator

Generate a ramp profile based on field, temperature, or angle setup that is optimized to your material and application.

Ramp Generator

Temperature vs. Moment

Set up temperature-dependent measurement parameters.

Temperature vs. Moment

Specify Adjustments and Calculations

Correct for offsets, sample holder or substrate contributions, and linear background slopes. Calculate derivative curves and determine exchange and pinning fields.

Adjustments and Calculations

Profile Manager

Define, save, and edit individual experiments as well as versatile profiles. Profiles allow you to automate sequences of multiple experiments along with other parameters, such as start date and time, and field and temperature ramps.

Profile Manager


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