Sample Holders and Kits

Lake Shore provides sample rod assemblies for room, cryogenic, and high temperature applications. The assemblies are available as permanently mounted integrated sample tail/holders or with threaded ends that allow holders to be interchanged. Sample holders for thin films, bulk materials, powders, and liquids are available.

Integrated sample tail/holders

VSM sample tail holders

Sample tails

VSM sample tails

730931 Kel-F bulk/powder upper/bottom cup


730933 Kel-F thin film side


730934 Kel-F thin film bottom


730935 Kel-F liquid upper and bottom cup


730937 Disposable BN cup


730938 BN thin film side


730939 BN thin film bottom


Recommended temperature usage

VSM sample holder temp

The following charts show which sample kits are included standard with different VSM system configurations.

7404-S and 7407-S system sample kits

VSM sample kits 4 7

7410-S system sample kits

VSM sample kits 10


7400-S overview

Sample holders, rods and kits


IDEAs VSM software

Options and accessories


FORC utility software

Materials and measurements