Magnetocaloric effect (MCE) analysis software for Lake Shore 7300/7400/7400-S Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometers

User-friendly software that enables Lake Shore VSM users to easily:

  • Characterize first and second order phase transition materials
  • Import Lake Shore IDEAS VSM data relating to isothermal magnetization curves M(H) and isofield magnetization curves M(T)
  • Generate graphs showing the quality of data and the reliability of intermediate interpolation steps
  • Calculate magnetic entropy change (peak values, full width at half maximum)
  • Calculate refrigerant capacity, choosing from three widely accepted definitions

Offered in a free beta trial version, this software package allows Lake Shore 7300/7400/7400-S Series VSM users to more easily analyze candidate materials for magnetocaloric effect (MCE) behavior by calculating the magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of the materials.

MCE software application note
Download an application note showing how to determine the magnetic entropy change from magnetic measurements using the MCE software

Data files created by the Lake Shore IDEAS VSM software can be seamlessly imported into the MCE analysis software for experimental interpretation of magnetization curves. These include isothermal curves M(H), including magnetizing (0 to Hmax), demagnetizing curves, or hysteresis loops, as well as isofield curves M(T), including increasing temperature (Tmin to Tmax), decreasing temperature (Tmax to Tmin), loops (Tmin-Tmax-Tmin or Tmax-Tmin-Tmax), or both as either point-by-point measurements or continuous temperature ramping in background.

The software features a user-friendly graphic interface that automatically populates tables with imported magnetization curve data and plots them as graphs displayed in a data analysis window. It then calculates relevant magnetocaloric parameters extracted from the magnetization curves as a function of the maximum applied field. Once calculations are made by the software, the program generates ASCII files that you can then use with your preferred graphics software to create plots for publication.

For more information about the software, its value in magnetocaloric research, and background on the parameters associated with characterizing the magnetocaloric response of a material, read the Determination of the Magnetic Entropy Change from Magnetic Measurements application note.

MCE screenshot

This software is a beta trial version. It is designed to operate with the Lake Shore IDEAS VSM v3.6 or newer software output data files. Lake Shore VSM owners receiving this software acknowledge that they are receiving it without warranty and their only expectation of support will be what Lake Shore Cryotronics can reasonably provide during normal business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT).

Questions about software usage can be directed to Dr. Cosmin Radu, Lake Shore Applications Scientist, at, or by e-mailing


Victorino Franco

Lake Shore Cryotronics extends a special thank you to Dr. Victorino Franco for his work in developing this software package. We also greatly appreciate his ongoing collaboration with Lake Shore as we continue to optimize our VSM systems for emerging material characterization applications.

Victorino Franco obtained his PhD in Physics from Sevilla University (Spain) in 1999, where he is now a Professor at the Condensed Matter Physics Department.

His research interest is focused on magnetic materials for energy applications, including soft magnetic materials and magnetocaloric materials. He has published more than 130 articles in peer reviewed journals, has been visiting professor at numerous universities and research labs in Europe, Asia and America and has been recipient of the Young Scientist Awards from the Spanish Royal Physical Society (in 2000) and from the Royal Order of Chivalry and Royal Academy of Sciences of Sevilla (in 2005).

Victorino is the Past Chair of the Magnetic Materials Committee of the Minerals Metals and Materials Society (TMS), the Conference Coordinator of the Spain Section of IEEE, and the Secretary and Treasurer of the Spain Chapter of IEEE Magnetic Society. He is also Editor of the journal Metallurgical and Materials Transactions E: Materials for Energy Systems.

See Victorino's research on the University of Seville website.