Lake Shore previewing new helium-saving lab cooling system at APS March Meeting
Visit Lake Shore Cryotronics in Booth 1139 at the APS March Meeting

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at next week’s APS March Meeting in Minneapolis, showcasing a soon-to-be-released fully automated cooling system as well as its latest solutions for material and device research.

The new Infinite Helium cooling system not only enables a continuous flow cryostat to operate cryogen-free, but it also offers single-button cool-down operation — with no manual valve adjustments required. Plus, its intelligent features reduce user error to ensure consistent and optimal performance.

Ideal for any physics or material research lab struggling with liquid helium (LHe) shortages and prices, the system seamlessly integrates with various continuous flow cryostats. It will be shown at APS attached to the Lake Shore ST-500 cryostat for low-vibration microscopy applications, though it also works with ST-400 Series cryostats for UHV/beamline applications, ST-FTIR or STVP-NMR cryostats, as well as other continuous flow cryostats.

In addition, samples can be exchanged easily without warming up the Infinite Helium system, allowing for fast turnaround times, and it offers a continuous run time of up to 6 months or longer without requiring servicing.

Also at APS, Lake Shore will discuss its new magnetic research system: MagRS. Its base system comes with either a 4- or 7-inch electromagnet with options to customize it for specific experimental needs. Options can be specified for VSM, ferromagnetic resonance (FMR), and two types of Hall effect measurements for low-mobility material analysis (with the AC field Hall option providing 2× noise improvement over Lake Shore’s previous 8400 Series HMS system).

Also forthcoming for MagRS is an electron transport option that integrates the company’s unique MeasureReady™ M81-SSM synchronous source measure system for AC and DC field transport measurements. Easily adaptable for a wide range of characterization applications, the modular M81-SSM system offers highly synchronized sourcing and measuring for low-level measurements across multiple channels.

Similarly, Lake Shore will be demoing at APS the:

  • M81-SSM set up to show voltage, current, and resistance measurements being performed using DC, 100 kHz AC, and mixed DC + AC measurement capabilities
  • New CryoComplete system, which includes M81-SSM instrumentation, a LN2 cryostat, a cryogenic controller, and software for 77 K to 500 K material characterization applications
  • Tabletop FastHall™ Station for rapid, convenient Hall analysis using patented FastHall measurement technology as provided by the M91 FastHall controller; also on display will be a new guarded insert for easily integrating the M91 into a Quantum Design PPMS® for high-resistance Hall measurements

In addition, representatives will be answering questions about Lake Shore’s: