Accessories and ancillary equipment


Lake Shore stocks a full range of accessories and spare parts for all your cryogenic needs. We can supply a complete cryogenic system that is fully integrated and tested, thus avoiding compatibility problems when the system reaches your lab.

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Flexible helium transfer lines

Liquid helium transfer lines to fill and cool most research cryostats can be supplied, with standard designs in stock for fast delivery.

Continuous flow cryostat transfer lines

Replacement SuperTran or SuperTran-VP cryostat high-efficiency flexible transfer lines. Order a stock design or specify a custom transfer line to meet your requirements.

Liquid helium storage Dewars and accessories

Storage Dewars for liquid helium are available, along with accessories for measuring the liquid level inside the Dewar.

Liquid nitrogen storage Dewars

Storage Dewars for liquid nitrogen are available.

Vacuum pumps

A range of pumps is available to suit all cryogenic requirements, from small pumps for roughing out vacuum jackets to large-capacity hermetically sealed pumps for pumping on liquid helium.

Temperature controllers

Temperature controllers with a wide range of functions, input types, and computer interfacing are available and can be selected to match your experimental complexity and budget.

LHe and LN2 level indicators

A variety of cryogen-level indicators are available. If you do not have a preferred model, we will supply the indicator most appropriate for your system.

Cryogenic accessories

Accessories for adapting your new Lake Shore cryostat to your existing laboratory are available, as well as accessories for the maintenance and operation of existing cryostats. Among the items you will find on this webpage are sample holders, sample positioners, windows, and greases.

Window information and transmission curves

Window transmission curves for several of the windows Lake Shore offers for our cryostats. Please consult with a sales engineer to determine which materials are right for your cryostat and experiment requirements.