Flexible helium transfer lines

Our flexible helium transfer lines (Model FHT) provide a convenient and efficient method of cooling and filling most research cryostats. Inside each FHT is a length of flexible metal tubing surrounded by multiple radiation shields and vacuum insulation. Specially constructed spacers prevent the inner line from contacting the outer vacuum jacket for maximum efficiency during operation. The flexible section has a 12 in bend radius. Custom transfer lines can be quoted upon request.

Two uninsulated extension tips are supplied with each FHT that allow the line to be used with large capacity LHe storage Dewars or tall research cryostats. Each FHT includes a reliable valve used to evacuate and seal the insulating vacuum space. Foot valves and in-line LHe valves can be supplied with these transfer lines, as well as for bayonet joints for unusual geometries.

Looking for replacement high-efficiency transfer lines for your SuperTran or SuperTran-VP? Visit our FHT-ST transfer line page. These transfer lines include a built-in flow valve and a charcoal cryopump. The FHT-ST lines are optimized for use with a continuous flow style cryostat and are not suitable for transferring large volumes of liquid helium, however.

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Standard flexible liquid helium transfer line (Model FHT)

FHT mechanical drawing
FHT Flexible Helium Transfer Line

Bayonet flexible liquid helium transfer line (Model FHT-BAY)

Below are stand-alone images of the model FHT-BAY flexible transfer line and its delivery line, as well as showing both these items mid-assembly and completely assembled.

FHT-BAY mechanical drawing

FHT-BAY Delivery Line

FHT-BAY Flexible Helium Transfer Line Bayonet

FHT-BAY mid-assembly

FHT-BAY Complete Assembly

Double right angle flexible liquid helium transfer line (Model FHT-DRA)

FHT-DRA mechanical drawing
FHT-DRA Flexible Helium Transfer Line Double Right Angle