Cryogenic accessories

A wide range of accessories is available. Whether you want to adapt a new cryostat to your existing laboratory, upgrade an old cryostat, or need accessories for a new experiment, we can help.

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Miscellaneous accessories

Apiezon N grease

Apiezon-n greaseApiezon N low vapor pressure vacuum and thermal anchoring grease (25 g). Please visit the Apiezon website for specifications.

Krytox grease

Kryotox GreaseKrytox low vapor pressure thermal anchoring grease (2 oz tube). Visit the Krytox website for more information on Krytox low vapor pressure high-vacuum grease.

Celvacene grease

Celvacene Light high-vacuum greaseCelvacene Light general-purpose vacuum grease (4 oz jar).

Specifications for Celvacene Light grease:

  • Vapor pressure: 10-6 Torr
  • ASTM minimum melting point: 90 °C
  • ASTM penetrometer: 120 to 190

CryCon grease

Crycon GreaseCryCon copper-filled thermal grease (1 oz jar)

Specifications for CryCon grease:

  • Thermal conductivity (W/m·K): 0.1 at 4.2 K, 0.03 at 2 K
  • Suggested maximum temperature: 100 °C

Heater kits

Heater Kit 325 KLake Shore has heater kits for 325 K and 500 K available. The photo to the left shows a 325 K heater kit. Contact us for more information.

Araldite epoxy

Araldite General Purpose EpoxyAraldite general purpose epoxy.

Versamid/DER epoxy

Versamid-DER Cold Window EpoxyVersamid/DER cold window epoxy.