Watch a demo of a teslameter or fluxmeter measurement at MDSM conference
Visit Lake Shore Cryotronics at MDSM in Orlando

Lake Shore Cryotronics will showcase several of its high-performance magnetic measurement instruments at next week’s Motor, Drive Systems & Magnetics (MDSM) conference exhibit in Orlando.

Representatives will be in Booth 313 demonstrating measurements specifically performed using Lake Shore’s award-winning F71 teslameter with its compatible 3-axis FP Series Hall probe as well as the Model 480 fluxmeter with a 2.5-inch Helmholtz coil featuring a field strength of ≈30 G/A.

The teslameter, which is also available in a single-axis (F41) version, offers:

  • Fast, worry-free, and highly accurate field measurements
  • Live plotting that allows you to easily see fields changing over time
  • High-speed pulse detection with the addition of maximum peak holding
  • Fully configurable digital low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass filters
  • A qualifier feature for pass/fail classifications of field values
  • TruZero™ technology that eliminates any need to re-zero the attached Hall probes

Both teslameter versions can be integrated easily into a cryogenic system. They feature built-in external source temperature compensation and a cryogenic mode, which reduces power dissipation into the compatible cryogenic-rated Hall probe/sensor by orders of magnitude when measuring below 4 K (as explained in this Magnetic field measurement at cryogenic temperatures application note).

The Model 480 fluxmeter, an advanced instrument designed primarily for use in industrial settings, features:

  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Very fast peak capture
  • AC frequency response to 50 kHz
  • 5¾ digit DC resolution (1 part out of ±300,000)
  • Storage of parameters for up to 10 existing coils

The Model 480 is ideal for magnetizing, manual and automated magnet testing and sorting, and for use as the main component in BH loop or hysteresis measurement system applications.

Also at MDSM, Lake Shore will discuss: