See Lake Shore Cryotronics at CEC/ICMC to learn about the latest thermometry solutions
Cryogenic Engineering Conference 2019 Hartford, CT

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at next week’s CEC/ICMC (Cryogenic Engineering Conference/International Cryogenic Materials Conference) in Hartford, CT, to discuss their latest in cryogenic thermometry solutions, including the new Rox™ RX-102B-RS sensor, an ultra-low temperature RTD for operation below 10 mK.

Ideal for advanced dilution refrigerator applications, the RX-102B-RS builds on the capabilities of Lake Shore’s previous-generation Rox sensor, refining the package with improved thermal connection and the addition of optical radiation shielding to further reduce unwanted sensor heating.

When the RX-102B-RS is paired with the company’s Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller, it becomes the configuration of choice for simplified monitoring or control in any application below 50 mK, with some calibration configurations providing the ability to achieve temperature readings down to 5 mK.

In other CEC/ICMC news, Lake Shore will also be presenting data on gamma radiation-induced calibration offsets for two types of sensors. Specifically, Lake Shore Senior Applications Scientist Dr. Scott Courts will present on “High Level Gamma Radiation Effects on Platinum and Silicon Diode Cryogenic Temperature Sensors,” 4 p.m. Monday (Level 6, Room 26-27).

Dr. Courts along with Ryan Oliver, Senior Product Manager, will also be available in CEC/ICMC Booth 503 to answer questions about the company’s:

  • Complete selection of cryogenic sensors, including the industry-leading Cernox® RTD and platinum RTD sensors.
  • Model 336 controller featuring eight sensor inputs and four independent control outputs, and the ability to control down to 300 mK when using appropriate sensors (a demo unit will be on display at CEC/ICMC).
  • Model 350 controller with eight sensor inputs and four independent control outputs, and supporting measurements as low as 100 mK with the appropriate sensors, making it ideal for He-3, ADR, and dilution refrigerator applications.
  • Monitoring instrumentation, including the 12-channel Model 224 monitor and the 240 Series sensor input modules for monitoring of sensors in large-scale distributed applications employing PLC-based control.