Model 336 cryogenic temperature controller

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Model 336 features

  • 4 sensor inputs and 4 independent PID-controlled outputs
  • Temperature control from 300 mK to 1,505 K
  • Supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple temperature sensors
  • 4 PID-controlled outputs: 100 W and 50 W into a 50 or 25 Ω load and 2 low-power voltage outputs
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Available option cards

3062 card

4 resistive/diode inputs


3061 card

Capacitance inputs


3060 card

Thermocouple inputs


The Model 336 temperature controller supports the industry’s most advanced line of cryogenic temperature sensors manufactured by Lake Shore, including diodes, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermocouples. It has four sensor inputs, four control outputs, and 150 W of low-noise heater power. Two independent heater outputs providing 100 W and 50 W can be associated with any of the four sensor inputs and programmed for closed-loop temperature control in proportional-integral-derivative (PID) mode.

The controller’s zone tuning feature allows seamless temperature control from 300 mK to over 1,500 K by automatically switching temperature sensor inputs when the temperature range goes beyond the usable range of a given sensor. Alarms, relays, and ±10 V analog voltage outputs are available to help automate secondary control functions. 3-year standard warranty.

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