MeasureLINK™-MCS software customer release notes

1. New Features

1.1 Licensed Editions

MeasureLINK-MCS now supports a scripting license (sold separately) which enables users to extend functionality by creating new or modifying existing measurements. With the standard edition of MeasureLINK, users can create sequences of pre-existing measurement scripts to control instruments and collect data. Activating the scripting license allows the development of new measurements. Users can verify which license is installed by reviewing the splash screen on startup.

1.2 Application Packs

MeasureLINK-MCS supports an increasing number of different instruments and measurement types. To better allow users to select what they are interested in, Lake Shore has created application packs. Application packs are an installable collection of related device drivers, configuration files, measurements, examples, and documentation. As installed, MeasureLINK-MCS does not have any application packs. Visit to download any application packs you are interested in. Section 1.8.1 of the user’s manual describes how to install and use application packs. Lake Shore currently offers the following application packs:

Application packVersionDrivers
Field platform1.82.0.0F71, LS64X, Manual Field, Permanent Magnet
Janis cryostat* Cryostat, Janis PLC, LS625, Dual LS625, LS336
M91 FastHall1.82.0.0M91
Quantum Design1.82.0.0QD MultiVu
Temperature1.82.0.0LS336, LS-CCR/CCR-O

* Limited release, contact Lake Shore for assistance.

1.3 Additional Instrument Drivers

Many additional instrument drivers are now supported by MeasureLINK. In addition to the drivers in the application pack, the universal driver and a simple 336 temperature controller driver are installed with the MeasureLINK-MCS application. Driver functionality has been improved with better monitoring in the Monitor Pane and improved APIs. Many drivers have extensive documentation with examples. See the Help menu in the MeasureLINK backstage view to access online help.

1.4 Scripted Measurement Features

There have been many improvements to the creation and execution of measurements. These include:

  • Script IDE improvements including symbol lookup and line number search.
  • Integer control in user interfaces.
  • Generic Source interface for power and current source instruments.
  • Better display of preferred units for field and temperature.
  • New APIs to allow measurements to do:
    • Data formatting.
    • Legends in charts.
    • Enabling/disabling controls.
    • Showing/hiding controls.
    • Changing UI values from data acquisition scripts.
    • The Device References dialog has been improved so it is impossible to build conflicting device references.

1.5 Utilities

Some application packs will add utilities to the Utilities level of the MeasureLINK-MCS main window. For example, the field platform application pack installs a field platform utility to customize linearization, PID and other aspects of an electromagnet platform.

2. Updating from Versions Earlier than

Older versions of MeasureLINK-MCS included all instrument drivers. These drivers will now be in one or more application packs. To update the software:

  1. Install version of the software
  2. Run MeasureLINK-MCS.
  3. There will probably be some error messages as MeasureLINK attempts to load older drivers. Accept these errors.
  4. Using the instructions in section 1.2 of this document, obtain the application packs you require for your system configuration. Then stage them for installation using the Application Pack utility in MeasureLINK-MCS.
  5. Restart MeasureLINK. After restarting, the new drivers will be installed. You can select your normal system configuration from the System Configuration level of MeasureLINK.

3. Updating to Versions Later than

When installing a new version of MeasureLINK, be sure to also update your application packs. Check the installed application packs and their versions against the application packs on the Lake Shore web site. Then update any application packs that are newer than what is installed.

If your system configuration includes drivers that are not compatible with the new version of MeasureLINKMCS, you will get start errors and a new, empty system configuration will be activated. After updating your application packs, simply select your original system configuration and activate it from the System Configuration level.