MeasureLINK™ software specifications


Supported operating systems: Windows 10 and newer


  • Environment
    • Temperature
    • Field
  • Measurements
    • M91, 155
    • Third-party instruments (requires custom scripting option)

Display data

  • Charts, tables, reports, CSV data export
  • Customizable functionality (requires custom scripting option)

Scripting example

I-V measurement

Loop through 20 voltage steps

  • Set V
  • Measure I

Script example step 1

Scripting tool enables presentation of a simple user interface

  • Start voltage
  • Finish voltage
  • Number of steps

Script example step 2



Once script is ready

  • Add to Custom Measurement list
  • Select and add the custom script to the sequence steps from the drop-down list
  • Appears exactly like built-in functions

Script example step 3

Customized measurement sequence

  • Executes sequential steps as defined
  • Presents UI steps such as data entry windows
  • Custom scripts execute like other steps
  • Data collection and graphing can be included

Script example step 4