MeasureLINK™ software

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Software for coordinating and automating characterization systems.

MeasureLINK™ Features

  • Coordinates all aspects of characterization experiments
    • Construct an experiment by selecting a sequence of pre-written functional steps to control the environment and collect data
    • No programming required — drag and drop to control measurement sequences
    • Automatically steps through user-defined sequences
    • Controls research platform environmental settings while executing electrical measurements of materials/devices
    • Time-stamps readings and conditions at each measurement for a correlated dataset
  • Helps confirm useful data (to avoid wasted time)
    • Enables data collection visualization in real-time
    • Choose the data format that makes the most sense for each setup
    • Helps confirm that an experiment is progressing successfully—more science in less time
  • Shares data (with external systems)
    • Makes it easy to share coordinated, time-stamped experimental data with any tool of choice, such as LabVIEW™, MatLab®, Python™, etc.
    • Data can be used for analysis, remote execution, or supervisory control
  • Custom scripting feature
    • Allows the user to construct new and edit existing measurement scripts, providing complete control over every aspect of the experiment
  • Included with MCS-EMP and M91

MeasureLINK™ Application Packs

  • Extend the functionality of MeasureLINK™ by adding additional instrument drivers, scripts, examples, and documentation related to specific tasks
  • Quantum Design MultiVU™ application pack requires the additional purchase of ML-AP-MULTIVU
  • Download the applications you need 
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If you want to communicate with a Lake Shore 240 module, there is a different MeasureLINK software for that. Download the MeasureLINK for 240 software package.