VNF Series cryostats—sample in flowing vapor


VNF Series features

  • 65 K to 325 K
  • Uses LN2
  • Sample-in-flowing-vapor
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

The Lake Shore VNF cryostat is an inexpensive liquid nitrogen cryostat offering operating temperatures from 65 K to 325 K. Simple to use and refill, the VPF system uses a refill style displacer assembly and built-in heater to provide variable temperature capability. Temperatures below 77 K are achieved using an optional pumping manifold. High-temperature capability is provided using special sensors and heaters.

Optional window materials can be installed to span the far/mid- IR, VUV, and x-ray regions for a variety of spectroscopic measurements. The refill assembly permits the refilling of the LN2 reservoir without affecting the controlled temperature.

VNF-100 datasheet


VNF part numberOpticalMaximum temperature
VNF-100325 K
VNF-100T 325 K

Cooling typeLN2
Minimum temperature65 K to 77 K (temperatures below 77 K with optional pumping manifold)
Maximum temperature325 K
Sample environmentFlowing vapor
Cooldown30 min (to 77 K)
Sample change time<10 min
Typical stability±50 mK (measured with temperature controller)
LN2 capacity1.2 L
Working time (typical)6 h to 8 h
Initial cooldown time (from room temperature)Approximately 30 min
Approximate weight19 lb (11.5 kg)