Two-stage pulse tube cryocooler

RP-062B (0.5 W at 4.2 K) and RP-082B (1.0 W at 4.2 K)

Sumitomo Heavy Industries has expanded its product line yet again with the addition of a two-stage pulse tube cooler. With a base temperature of below 3.0 K, this new product extends the range of possible applications for Sumitomo closed-cycle refrigerators to include low-temperature, low-vibration applications. The pulse tube cooler has no internal moving parts; therefore, it has inherently low vibration levels.

Standard configuration


  • Refrigeration capacity: 0.5 W at 4.2 K (RP-062B); 1.0 W at 4.2 K (RP-082B)
  • Orientation: vertical only
  • Push-button operation


  • Laboratory cryostats
  • Cryogenic property measurements
  • Optical studies
  • Magnetic studies
  • Low-vibration

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SRP-062B Two-stage Pulse Tube Cryocooler

Two-stage pulse tube cryocooler specifications

Refrigeration cyclePulse tube (2-stage)Pulse tube (2-stage)
Refrigeration capacity (vertical position)1st stage: 30 W at 65 K (50/60 Hz)
2nd stage: 0.5 W at 4.2 K (50/60 Hz)
1st stage: 40 W at 45 K (50/60  Hz)
2nd stage: 1.0 W at 4.2 K (50/60 Hz)
OrientationVertical onlyVertical only
Lowest temperature<3.0 K<3.0 K
Vibration level±4 µm at 2nd stage flange1st stage: ±7 µm; 2nd stage: ±9 µm
Weight23.2 kg26 kg
Cold head dimensions (mm)—approximate336 W × 190 L × 604 H190 W × 347 L × 581 H
Cooldown time (to 4.2 K)<100/90 min (50/60 Hz)<80 min (50/60 Hz)
MaintenanceEvery 20,000 hEvery 20,000 h
Compatible compressor unit modelF-50F-70
Flexline length20 m*20 m*
Flexline weight7.5 kg per line7.5 kg per line
*Buffer tanks + 6 m lines may optionally be substituted for the 20 m long lines. 6 m lines weigh 5 kg per line.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Download the Sumitomo's SRP-062B Pulse Tube Datasheet