ST-500-UC ultra-compact optical cryostat

The Lake Shore ST-500-UC continuous flow cryostat has a very low profile (1.163 in) and has been specifically designed for use in microscopy and imaging applications. The combination of the low thermal-expansion support structure and internal vibration isolation results in low vibration and drift levels. The cryostat geometry offers a short working distance (for use with high magnification optics) between the top window and the sample.


Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Standard configuration

The ST-500-UC system includes a flexible high-efficiency variable flow cryogen transfer line. This line delivers liquid helium or liquid nitrogen to the heat exchanger and sample mount. The ST-500-UC is portable, easily mounted in a variety of configurations, and can be used both in transmission and reflection geometries.

Options include:

  • A variety of window materials and sizes
  • Interchangeable sample mounts for different sample thicknesses
  • Electrical feedthroughs
  • A complete system solution including temperature controllers, pumping systems, and storage Dewars
  • Looking for a cryogen-free option for your existing ST-500-UC? Optional recirculating gas cooler eliminates the use of liquid helium for "wet" systems.

ST-500UC datasheet

ST-500-UC specifications

Temperature range<6 K (LHe) to 475 K (standard)
Initial cooldown time~30 min to 5 K (LHe)
Nominal temperature stability (with controller) 50 mK or less
Minimum distance from objective to sample2.0 mm
Overall height1.163 in (29.54 mm)
System weight (without transfer line)~5 lb (2.3 kg)
Nominal cryogen consumption rate

~2.5 L/h LHe (6 K)
<0.8 L/h LHe (10 K)
<0.4 L/h LHe (20 K)

NOTE: Specifications do not include optical or experimental heat loads and assume horizontal orientation. Specifications may change depending on the length of the transfer line flexible section.

If ultra-low vibration is not required, click here for details on the ST-300-MS SuperTran cryostat.