Applications | Diamond anvil cell

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Micro-spectroscopy techniques — diamond anvil cell

Existing systems for diamond anvil cell (DAC) studies include:

Pulse tube cooled, sample in static exchange gas 4 K cryocoolers: PTSHI-950-5

PTSHI-950-5 Cooled Diamond Anvil CellThis cryostat was designed for use with easyLab's Diacell® CryoDAC-LT System high-pressure cell. (However, any of their LT cells would be suitable for the cryostat.)

10 K closed-cycle refrigerator, sample in vacuum: CCS-100/204

Diacell CCS-DAC easyLabeasyLab's model Diacell® CCS-DAC system uses a special model CCS-100/204 cryostat. Visit easyLab's website for more information.

ST-500 microscopy cryostat with options for micro-spectroscopy techniques

Diacell CCS-DAC easyLabSpecial diamond anvil cell (Diacell® CryoDAC-ST) configured for use with the ST-500 is available from easyLab Technologies Ltd.

Diacell CCS-DAC easyLabThe image to the left shows a diamond anvil cell (DAC) sample holder designed for integration with a model PTSHI-4-5 pulse tube cooled 4 K closed-cycle refrigerator system. The general design can be used on any system (sample in vapor and sample in vacuum) with a sufficiently large sample area. The sample holder shown here was designed to fit an easyLab OmniDAC membrane-style diamond anvil cell.

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