4 K Cryocoolers — SHI 0.7 W at 4.2 K

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

RDK-205 cryocooler drawing

These Sumitomo RDK-205D systems provide 0.7 W of cooling at a temperature of 4.2 K at the second stage and can reach a minimum temperature of about 3.5 K (with no parasitic or experimental heat loads). The 0.7 W systems employ a smaller compressor and cold head than the 1 W systems. The compressor is available in a water-cooled version only, in conjunction with 10 m long flexible gas lines.

Standard configuration

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  • Refrigeration capacity 0.7 W at 4.2 K
  • Orientation independent
  • Push-button operation

RDK-205D cryocooler typical load map 60 Hz

RDK-205D cryocooler typical load map 50 Hz

Cold Head Model RDK-205D Specifications

Refrigeration cycleModified Gifford-McMahon
Refrigeration capacity (vertical position)50 Hz1st stage: 3 W at 50 K; 2nd stage: 0.7 W at 4.2 K
60 Hz1st stage: 4 W at 50 K; 2nd stage: 0.7 W at 4.2 K
OrientationAny — capacity loss: maximum 20%
WeightApproximately 15 kg
Dimension180 D × 294 L × 512 H (mm)
Maintenance interval10,000 h
Flexline length10 m
Flexline weight7 kg per line
Compatible compressor unit modelCKW-21*, F-40

Specifications subject to change without notice.
*Cooling power may be reduced to 0.5 W at 4.2 K.