CCR cryogenic cold trap cryostats


CCR cryogenic cold trap cryostat features

  • <5 K to 500 K
  • Cryogen-free
 ApplicationMinimum temperature1Maximum temperature
CCS-TRAPNoble gas trapping<8 K325 K
CCS-TRAP-HNoble gas trapping<9 K500 K2

1Temperatures to <5 K possible; contact us
2Nude traps only; charcoal traps are limited to 450 K

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Lake Shore offers cryogenic cold traps (CCTs) that use mechanical coolers. These traps are primarily used in the adsorption of noble gases, including helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon. CCTs aid in the extraction of such gases from geological materials collected from volcanic hot springs to get insight into the planetary evolution of the Earth. They are also used to adsorb various oxygen isotopes from meteorites and polar ice caps, and ocean island olivines.

Temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

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MeasureLINK control software
MeasureLINK control software