400 Series Hall probe specifications

Axial probes

Axial probes, usually round, measure fields normal to their end. They can also be used for general-purpose measurements but are most commonly used to measure fields produced by solenoids. Several standard stem lengths and diameters are available, as well as flexible and cryogenic probes.

Transverse probes

Transverse probes, most often rectangular in shape, measure fields normal to their stem width. They are useful for most general-purpose field measurements and are essential for work in magnet gaps. Several standard stem lengths and diameters are available, as well as flexible, cryogenic, tangential, and brass stem probes.

Tangential probe specifications

Tangential probes are transverse probes designed to measure fields parallel to and near a surface. The active area is very close to the stem tip.

Multi-axis probes

These multi-sensor Hall probes measure two or three vectors of magnetic field simultaneously, which is important in directional applications such as field mapping.

Model 410 probes

Probes specially made to fit the Model 410 gaussmeter connector are available in axial, brass stem axial, transverse, and brass stem transverse models.

Hall probe accessories

Many Hall probe accessories are available, including extension cables, probe stands, zero gauss chambers, and reference magnets.

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