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400 Series Hall Probe Accessory Specifications

Extension cables

To maintain probe accuracy, probes and extension cables for the Models 460, 450, and 421 must be calibrated together at Lake Shore. When ordering an extension cable and more than one probe, it is necessary to specify with which probe the cable will be used. It should be noted that probes will exhibit their full accuracy specifications when used without an extension cable. Model 460 2- and 3-axis probes require two- and three-extension cables, respectively. Extension cables for Models 475, 455, and 425 are field programmable, but can be ordered factory-calibrated.

Probe extension cables for Model 475, 455, and 425 gaussmeters

HMPEC-103 m (10 ft) calibrated
HMPEC-10-U3 m (10 ft) uncalibrated
HMPEC-257.6 m (25 ft) calibrated
HMPEC-25-U7.6 m (25 ft) uncalibrated
HMPEC-5015 m (50 ft) calibrated
HMPEC-50-U15 m (50 ft) uncalibrated
HMPEC-10030 m (100 ft) calibrated
HMPEC-100-U30 m (100 ft) uncalibrated

Probe extension cables for Model 460, 450, and 421 gaussmeters

MPEC-103 m (10 ft)
MPEC-257.6 m (25 ft)
MPEC-5015 m (50 ft)
MPEC-10030 m (100 ft)

Hall probe stands

These movable probe stands consist of a 30 mm (1.2 in) square post mounted on a 180 mm × 130 mm × 22.5 mm (7.1 in × 5.1 in × 0.9 in) thick base plate. A probe holder is integrated into the stand. The holder can be moved up or down and fixed at any angle and location along the post. Two standard models are available. Consult Lake Shore for other post heights.

Hall stand

Zero gauss chambers

To obtain a null field reference a zero gauss chamber must be used to shield the probe sensing area from external field.

4060 – Small zero gauss chamber
33 mm × 33 mm × 61 mm
(1.3 in × 1.3 in × 2.4 in)
13 mm diameter × 51 mm
(0.5 in diameter × 2 in)
4065 – Large zero gauss chamber
58 mm × 53 mm × 305 mm
(2.3 in × 2.1 in × 12 in)
19 mm diameter × 279 mm
(0.75 in diameter × 11 in)

4060 Small zero gauss chamber


4065 Large zero gauss chamber


Reference magnets

High quality reference magnets are available in transverse (flat) and axial (round) configurations — see also Helmholtz coil low field references

Reference Magnets