Other packaging available through special order—
T – Trimmed chip within 100 O ±1% at ice point (273.15 K)
U – Untrimmed chip within 100 O ±30% at ice point

Rhodium-iron sensors have been discontinued. Alternative sensors are Cernox™ for measuring temperatures from 100 mK to 420 K or Platinum for measuring temperatures from 14 K to 873 K.

Packaging options

For information on rhodium-iron sensor packaging, click here.

Rhodium iron packages

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Accessories suggested for installation—
see Accessories section for full description

Stycast® epoxy
Apiezon® grease
90% Pb, 10% Sn solder
Indium solder
VGE-7031 varnish
Phosphor bronze wire
Manganin wire

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Uncalibrated cryogenic temperature sensors
Calibrated cryogenic temperature sensors
Cryogenic temperature sensor packages