How your materials research can benefit from AC field Hall measurements

Mobility is one of the most important and commonly derived electronic transport properties measured in a Hall measurement system (HMS). While the DC field method can measure mobilities in a range of materials, it is not typically capable of measuring the emerging class of materials characterized by very low mobilities.

For this material class, the answer is AC field Hall measurement. This graph shows what types of additional materials can be measured with confidence using AC field Hall.

Mobility chart

When specified with the AC field Hall measurement option, the Lake Shore 8400 Series HMS combines the best of both DC and AC field measurement capabilities—which means it has the widest mobility range of any commercially available HMS.

The AC field Hall option supports:

  • The study of low mobility materials with far greater resolution
  • Measurements of Hall mobilities down to 10-3 cm2/V s
  • AC fields to 1.18 T (with the 4 in magnet version) or 1.31 T (with the 7 in magnet version)
  • A range of Hall measurements on van der Pauw samples

For more on this, please read “An Introduction to AC Field Hall Effect Measurements,” which includes measurement examples.

Another consideration: resistance range

In addition to mobility measurements, resistance measurements are fundamental to defining the capabilities and performance of a Hall system. In order to enable measurement of the broadest range of materials, it is critical that your system be capable of measuring a very wide range of resistances.

This graph shows the possible resistance ranges of the Lake Shore 8400 Series HMS, including both standard ranges and optional DC low resistance and optional DC or AC high resistance ranges.

Resistance chart

We would like to hear about your material measurement application.

Various measurement options are available for configuring a HMS for optimal performance with your samples and their characteristic properties.

If you have questions about measuring a specific type of material sample type for Hall mobility or resistances, please contact us or e-mail Lake Shore Senior Scientist Dr. Jeff Lindemuth directly. Let us know if you would like us to run a test measurement on a specific sample using the 8400 Series HMS.

Jeff Lindemuth
Senior Scientist
Jeff Lindemuth

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