See new release of an all-in-one cryogenic system for electrical characterization at APS March
Lake Shore in Booth 701 at APS March Meeting

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be at next week’s APS March Meeting in Las Vegas, showcasing solutions for experimental physicists, including a new all-in-one system intended for 77 K to 500 K material and device research.

This fully integrated cryogenic characterization system, named CryoComplete™, provides everything one needs to start taking temperature-dependent, low-level measurements out of the box. It contains:

In APS Booth 701, Lake Shore will show how the new system’s M81-SSM components can be used to stimulate and measure small detector photocurrents of a diode mounted in the cryostat when illuminated by a laser source.

Lake Shore’s Jeffrey Lindemuth will present on the M81-SSM’s advanced noise-filtering capabilities during the scientific session in his talk titled “Complex Filter Configuration for Lock-in Amplifiers.” On Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in Room 315, he will discuss how the system’s filtering technique can detect low-level AC signals in the presence of high levels of noise and interfering signals. Attendees can expect to learn about the advantages of using the M81-SSM in those scenarios.

In the Lake Shore booth, company representatives will also be showcasing their:

  • M81-SSM set up to show on-wafer measurements made in Lake Shore’s tabletop TTPX cryogenic probe station; in this setup, the M81-SSM modules are attached directly to the station, eliminating the need for long signal wiring to a device under test while increasing measurement sensitivity
  • FastHall™ Station, a tabletop system for rapid Hall effect analysis — especially when studying low-mobility materials — as provided by the included M91 FastHall measurement controller; in addition, Lake Shore will be demonstrating a new way to easily integrate the FastHall controller into a Quantum Design PPMS® for high-resistance Hall measurements
  • Recirculating gas cooler (RGC) system, which offers all the flexibility and convenience of a continuous-flow cryostat without a need for liquid helium; on display will be the ST-500 optical cryostat, which is often used for sample cooling with the RGC

Lake Shore will also be discussing its full selection of: