RGC Series helium recirculation gas coolers


RGC Series recirculating gas cooler features

  • A cryogen-free solution
  • Use an LHe cryostat without the LHe
  • Ideal for low vibration
  • Excellent thermal performance


What is a recirculating gas cooler?

A recirculating gas cooler is a cryocooler-based system that continuously recirculates helium in a closed loop, enabling a continuous-flow LHe cryostat to operate cryogen-free.

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Cryogen-free: run an LHe cryostat without the LHe

With the addition of a recirculating gas cooler (RGC), LHe cryostats can be cooled without the need for liquid cryogens.

How does a recirculating gas cooler work?

The RGC runs helium in a closed loop, making a continuous flow cryostat cryogen-free. Helium gas is cooled and liquefied by the RGC’s cryocooler and travels to the cryostat through a flexible vacuum-insulated transfer line. LHe cools the sample. The RGC captures the evaporated gas through the transfer line and reliquefies it, continuously recirculating the helium.

RGC Series recirculating gas cooler compatibility

The RGC is compatible with Lake Shore ST and STVP cryostats and can be used with some LHe cryostats from other vendors as well.

RGC Series flyer

Base temperature of ST-500 microscopy cryostat cooled by RGC4 system

Vibration measured on a standard ST-500 cryostat cooled by an RGC system