See a demo of Lake Shore teslameter’s new live plotting feature at Magnetics 2022
Visit the Lake Shore Cryotronics booth at Magnetics 2022

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be demonstrating a new live plotting feature and other enhancements to its F71/F41 teslameter in Booth 107 at next week’s Magnetics 2022 expo in Orlando, FL.

Available in single-axis (F41) and multi-axis (F71) versions, the teslameter offers easy operation for technicians and engineers in need of fast, worry-free, and highly accurate field measurements. The live plotting of the magnetic field makes it easier to see fields changing over time and can even be used to capture field measurement sweeps and save the data out to a USB flash drive.

Also, an intuitive touchscreen interface and TiltView™ display make the instrument easy to operate, even when mounted in the bottom of a rack. In addition, the instrument can be integrated easily into a cryogenic system, with built-in external source temperature compensation and a cryogenic mode, which reduces power dissipation into the compatible cryogenic-rated Hall probe/sensor by orders of magnitude when measuring below 4 K (as explained here).

Other recent enhancements to the R&D 100 award-winning teslameter include:

  • High-speed pulse detection with the addition of maximum peak holding
  • Fully configurable digital low pass, high pass, and band pass filters that can be applied to an RMS reading when operating in high-frequency mode
  • A qualifier feature for pass/fail classifications of field values
  • Improvements to the onboard TruZero™ technology’s algorithm to further reduce residual offsets

The teslameter’s compatible FP Series Hall probes offer:

  • Significantly smaller active areas than in previous-generation instruments, resulting in more accurate readings while also all but eliminating planar Hall effect errors
  • Time-saving features, such as TruZero, which eliminates the need to re-zero the probe, and a quick-release connector with integrated calibration data, allowing for easy probe swapping
  • On some models, fixture-mounting capabilities for fixing to field-mappers and QC test stations
  • Extra-long versions designed to handle submersion in cryogen

Also available from Lake Shore Cryotronics: