See a demo of Lake Shore’s award-winning teslameter at Magnetics 2020
Lake Shore Cryotronics Exhibiting at Magnetics 2020 in Orlando

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to their award-winning F71 and F41 teslameter in Booth 302 at next week’s Magnetics 2020 expo in Orlando, FL.

This instrument, a recent winner of an R&D 100 Award in the analytical/test category, offers a new level of convenience and precision, enabling technicians and engineers to measure with confidence in challenging industrial QC, QA, sorting, and test applications.

Available in single-axis (F41) and multi-axis (F71) versions, the teslameter and its compatible FP Series Hall probes feature: 

  • Unique TruZero™ technology that minimizes misalignment voltages, eliminating the need to re-zero a probe
  • Smaller active sensor areas, ensuring more accurate field readings and all but eliminating planar Hall effect errors
  • An intuitive touchscreen interface and TiltView™ display, making the instrument easy to operate even when mounted in the bottom of a rack
  • A compact quick-release connector with integrated calibration data, allowing for easy probe swapping
  • Plus, for applications where the probe must be fixed to field-mappers and QC test stations, Lake Shore offers fixture-mountable probes.

Recent updates to the teslameter include a number of enhancements, including:

  • Capabilities for live plotting of magnetic fields
  • Configurable filters for AC magnetic fields
  • High-speed pulse detection
  • A qualifier feature for pass/fail classifications of field values
  • Improvements to the TruZero algorithm to further reduce residual offsets.

Also to be discussed at Magnetics 2020: FP Series probe sensor technology for other applications. Among these are plug-and-play 2Dex™ Hall sensors, which connect directly to the F71/F41 teslameters and provide the measurement simplicity and performance of a teslameter/probe combination with the installation flexibility of a sensor.

The F71/F41 teslameters and probes with 2Dex sensor technology are just the latest in highly precise magnetic measurement solutions from Lake Shore. Also available: gaussmeters, fluxmeters, and Helmholtz and search coils; and for more advanced magnetic material characterization/analysis applications: the award-winning 8600 Series VSM, as well as the new MagRS magnetic research system, a modular, multi-purpose electromagnet platform that provides all of the essential components required for automated, variable field experiments.