More about the MeasureReady 155 precision current voltage source

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For applications where noise matters

The 155 precision voltage source and current source is designed for demanding scientific and engineering applications, where a high-quality, ultra low noise current source or low noise voltage reference is required, such as:

  • Precision DC I-V and C-V curve measurements of novel materials and early-stage devices
  • AC impedance measurements
  • Accurate resistance, magneto-resistance, and resistivity measurements
  • Low-noise bias voltages/currents for characterizing new heterostructures
  • High-accuracy device testing
  • Very low power excitation of sensitive materials like organics
  • Controlled characterization of low resistance and superconducting materials
  • Low-noise excitation of sensors for improved measurement accuracy
  • Hall effect measurements to determine carrier concentrations/mobilities
  • Variable temperature device/material characterization using a cryogenic probe station
  • Sensitive electrochemical experiments

155 rear panel

Full connectivity

USB and LAN connectivity provide convenient integration with systems using LabVIEW™, IVI.NET, and other software. Interfacing is straightforward using IVI-class drivers and industry-standard SCPI commands.


GPIB to LAN converter option

For applications requiring IEEE-488 communications, this converter plugs into the instrument’s LAN port and creates a GPIB-compatible interface. Note that network timing may be affected when using parallel to serial converters. Delays vary with the amount of data transferred and the converter’s activity as messages are received.

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With free online software updates, your instrument can always have the most current capabilities. And as Lake Shore introduces new options in the future, you can purchase and download them to your instrument. This allows the 155 to grow as your measurement needs evolve.



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