Made for the way you work today, the MeasureReady 155 high precision current source features an uncluttered touch display with a unique TiltView™ screen, presenting a natural and engaging user interface.

With no confusing buttons or long learning curves, the 155 is simple and intuitive to operate. You’ll quickly recognize the icons, gestures, and menu styles that follow familiar smartphone technology standards.

Be future-ready with


With free online software updates, your instrument can always have the most current capabilities. And as Lake Shore introduces new options in the future, you can purchase and download them to your instrument. This allows the 155 current source and voltage source to grow as your measurement needs evolve.


155 touchscreen guide

155 slider control

The MeasureReady 155 offers multiple ways to adjust settings, including a “slider” control for fast adjustments. You can use the zoom control (below main slider) for more precise control.


155 settings

Changing settings is simple and intuitive.


Portrait mode

155 supports portrait mode

155 stepper control

Swiping up or down on the screen allows single digit adjustments using the “stepper” control for slower, incremental changes.


155 system settings

155 connectivity.

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