Cryogenic Systems for Synchrotron Facilities


The Janis ST-400 continuous flow cryostat has long been a synchrotron standard for providing cooling in a UHV environment. This versatile cryostat operates with liquid helium or liquid nitrogen, and now with the new RGC recirculating gas cooler, it may be cooled without the need for cryogens at all.

  • <4 K to 500 K operation (800 K optional)
  • Extensive worldwide customer base
  • Proven to 10-11 Torr vacuum
  • Fully bakeable to 200 °C
  • High-efficiency design operates with liquid helium or liquid nitrogen
  • New or existing systems upgradeable to cryogen-free with the addition of a recirculating gas cooler
  • Overall length, cold finger, and thermal shield diameters are custom configured
  • Highly configurable design with UHV electrical wiring access (multi-pin or coaxial) available
  • Compatible with standard UHV manipulators
  • Internal control thermometer and heater are not exposed to chamber vacuum

ST-400 Ultra High Vacuum Cryostat

RGC8-ST recirculating gas ooler

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS