Cryogenic systems for synchrotron facilities


The Lake Shore ST-400 continuous flow cryostat has long been a synchrotron standard for providing cooling in a UHV environment. This versatile cryostat operates with liquid helium or liquid nitrogen, and with the RGC recirculating gas cooler, it can be cooled without the need for cryogens at all.

  • <4 K to 500 K operation (800 K optional)
  • Extensive worldwide customer base
  • Proven to 10-11 Torr vacuum
  • Fully bakeable to 200 °C
  • High-efficiency design operates with liquid helium or liquid nitrogen
  • New or existing systems upgradeable to cryogen-free with the addition of a recirculating gas cooler
  • Overall length, cold finger, and thermal shield diameters are custom configured
  • Highly configurable design with UHV electrical wiring access (multi-pin or coaxial) available
  • Compatible with standard UHV manipulators
  • Internal control thermometer and heater are not exposed to chamber vacuum

ST-400 Ultra High Vacuum Cryostat

RGC8-ST recirculating gas ooler

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS