Applications | Microscopy

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Microscopy applications typically require a short working distance and very low levels of vibration. The sample being studied must be close to the microscope objective lens and must stay within the lens field of view for the duration of the measurement.

Lake Shore offers a range of cryostats to meet these twin requirements, plus a range of options for maximum versatility. Options for microscopy include:

  • Low-vibration, cryogen-free, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen-cooled systems
  • Optional window materials for any transmission requirement
  • Electrical access
  • Nano-positioning stages
  • Large sample area for multiple nano-positioning stages
  • Optical fiber access
  • Sample mount extension for magnetic measurements
  • Superconducting magnets
  • UHV configurations
  • Commercial diamond anvil cell compatibility
  • x-y-z manipulation stages
  • High-temperature operation (not all models)
  • Micromanipulated probe stations

Existing designs include:

As with all Lake Shore cryostats, these designs may be modified to suit your individual requirements. Contact us today for details of how a microscopy cryostat can be integrated into your system.