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Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Cryostats for angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES)

 ST-400 Ultra-High Vacuum SuperTran Cryostat

Lake Shore is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cryostats for ARPES applications. We choose materials and employ fabrication techniques that are strictly compatible with the most demanding UHV requirements. Our applications physicists are ready to assist you in the selection of a standard or custom-designed system precisely configured to meet your unique experimental needs. Our systems for ARPES include:

  • 4 K systems based on our proven ST-400 continuous flow cryostat
  • Only electropolished stainless steel and gold-plated copper are exposed to sample vacuum
  • Fully bakeable to 200 °C, sample temperature range to 500 K (800 K optional)
  • High-efficiency design typically offers <500 mL/h LHe consumption
  • Overall length, cold finger, and thermal shield diameters are custom configured
  • Integrated UHV electrical wiring access (multi-pin or coaxial) provided
  • Internal control thermometer and heater are not exposed to chamber vacuum