LN2 option

The LN2 option includes all the components needed to convert the standard room temperature FastHall Station into a cryogenically cooled (LN2) sample space. This way, Hall analysis measurements can be easily performed while the sample is in a flooded LN2 bath. The standard sample holder and sample cards are used in this configuration. Hold time is approximately 10 minutes.

LN2 option

Included in the kit for the option are:

  • LN2 sample platform with LN2 option reservoir
  • 0.8 T wide-gap magnet
  • Parking garage for room temperature components to be stored during LN2 use
  • Funnel for pour-fill operation

Gate bias option

This option, which includes a MeasureReady™ 155 DC precision current and voltage source instrument (155-DC), provides a low-noise voltage source for conducting Hall measurements with a gate bias applied.


The voltage is applied through the triaxial connectors on top of the sample holder which also implements a safety interlock that disables the bias voltage when the sample is removed. Measurement scripts are provided for a gate bias sweep to make Hall measurements for a range of discrete gate bias settings.

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