Patented technology for faster, better measurements

The FastHall™ Station contains all the sourcing, measurement, and switching instrumentation plus software needed to execute a complete measurement sequence—quickly and conveniently.

Key to its speed is the included M91 measurement controller. Using Lake Shore’s patented* FastHall™ technology, the instrument automatically executes measurement steps and provides better measurements faster, especially when working with low-mobility materials—up to 100× faster in many cases. Most commonly measured materials can be analyzed in a few seconds.

FastHall provides a substantial time saving as opposed to traditional Hall systems

A fully enclosed, shielded measurement environment

A durable, light-tight system, the FastHall Station features an electronically shielded, low-noise sample space with guarded contacts, resulting in far superior measurements as compared to most similar solutions—whether you want to derive carrier type, carrier concentration, mobility, or Hall coefficient properties of the sample.

The sample card starter kit includes both solder and prober pin style sample cards. The prober pin style cards allow you to mount your samples without requiring contact pad soldering. Simply load your sample and begin running van der Pauw measurements using the included PC loaded with MeasureLINK-MCS application software.

Probing and solder sample cards included

Why not build your own system?

In order to build your own Hall effect measurement system (HMS), you would need to specify the appropriate electrical measurement instrumentation, a suitable field strength and uniformity magnet, and a signal switching unit to automatically measure sample resistivity and Hall voltages, plus develop and validate some level of custom software to correctly acquire measurements and perform the proper pre- and post-measurement calculations. But in such a customized setup, you would not take advantage of the unique capabilities of the M91 measurement controller, which offers a level of speed, precision, and convenience not currently available with commercially off-the-shelf source, measure, and switching instrumentation.

The FastHall Station combines all of the necessary van der Pauw measurement functions into a single tabletop system that not only includes our revolutionary measurement controller, but all the rest of the instrumentation and software specifically designed for automating, charting, and analyzing the measurement. It is truly a turnkey solution for researchers who are looking to derive key parameters of materials—and do so more quickly—without any complicated equipment setup.

Comparing the FastHall Station with other available solutions (see below) shows that even though it has a compact size, it provides nearly the same measurement performance as premium Hall measurement systems.

Comparison vs. other solutions

The Lake Shore factor: unparalleled application expertise and support

At Lake Shore, we understand your applications and measurement needs. This is because we have served the scientific community for more than 50 years and have provided high performance Hall measurement systems to researchers in academia, national labs, and industry.

Plus, we’re there for you on every step of your journey, from choosing the best system to meet your unique requirements, to getting you started in your lab and helping with measurements. Our on-staff application scientists—published and active material researchers in their own right—­provide an unparalleled level of application support.

In addition to conducting application training, they work closely with you to help you and your staff better understand and interpret the results obtained by your Hall system, particularly when working with novel materials.

We can even work with you to customize your system’s MeasureLINK™-MCS software for your specific research application requirements and for faster results.

In addition, our technical customer service representatives are on-call to ensure that you are benefiting from the full range of capabilities offered on our products, ready to provide real-time assistance and, if necessary, set up test scenarios to isolate performance issues.

If you have any questions, we have the expertise to help you work toward a resolution. Together, we can transform the research of today into the technology of tomorrow.

Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth, widely recognized as an expert in Hall measurement instrumentation and methods, is one of several application scientists on staff to aid you with FastHall Station measurements.

 Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth

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