Transform your electromagnet into a modular characterization system

The EM-V Series can be upgraded to a MagRS magnetic research system. This transforms the electromagnet into a complete measurement solution using options to enable sample inserts (for both magnet and electrical experiments), sample temperature control options, preconfigured measurement module options, and MeasureLINK™ software to control data collection and analysis.

MagRS logo

MagRS with AC field Hall option

Configure your base system

The MagRS base system comes with a 4 or 7 in magnet, with additional options to customize the system for your experimental needs. Choose to add VSM capability, temperature option accessories, or optical access. MagRS comes standard with ExactGAP magnet pole gap indexing and GlideLOCK precision sample positioning.

Add the measurement options you need

MagRS can be equipped to provide the functionality you need on your path to discovery. Choose one or many options, or add options as you need them. The possibilities are endless.

MagRS measurement options


Hall measurement options

Electron transport option

Ferromagnetic resonance option

Vibrating sample magnetometer option

MeasureLINK™-MCS softwareMeasureLINK™-MCS software

MeasureLINK™-MCS software is the key component of each MagRS system. It facilitates field control, temperature control, measurement sequencing, and integration functions.

This flexible software allows the user to monitor the MagRS's real-time performance and construct measurement sequences from a set of predefined controls. The menu-driven graphical user interface (GUI) provides the ability to control field and temperature to a specific setpoint or to loop these parameters through a range of settings with a specified step value. The sequences can be saved and recalled for use in repeated measurements.

Please see the  MagRS magnetic research system for more information