Fiber optic probes and cables

Fiber optic probe arm

Designed for simultaneous illumination of or collection from an electrically-probed wafer-level device, the fiber optic probe arm features a continuous, vacuum-sealed length of fiber from connector to probe end for maximal optical throughput. Outside the vacuum chamber, there is 2.0 m of jacketed fiber terminated with either an SMA 905 or FC connector. Inside the probe station, a 0.4 m long coated fiber (with no jacket) terminates with a flat cleaved end. The cleaved end of the fiber is threaded into a fiber holder specially designed to reduce fiber breakage with inadvertent fiber/substrate touches. If the cleaved end is damaged or dirty, the fiber end can be stripped and re-cleaved.

FeedthroughWavelength (nm)Core/cladding diameter (µm)Connector typeConnector polishNumerical aperture
Single-mode (SM)1290 to 16509/125FCFlat0.14
Step index multimode IRVIS400 to 2100200/240SMAFlat0.22
Step index multimode UVVIS200 to 900100/140SMAFlat0.22

Single-mode—for illumination of a device from a coherent source such as a fiber-pigtailed laser diode. This fiber is typically customized for different wavelengths or with an APC connector polish (to match the source). Single-mode, polarization-maintaining fibers are available for applications with a coherent, polarized source (a ferrule probe holder is used to adjust incident polarization).

Multimode IRVIS—can be used with coherent and incoherent (such as an LED) sources for illumination of a device at visible and IR wavelengths as well as collection of light from a device. This fiber is commonly customized with smaller core sizes, a 0.37 numerical aperture, or with an FC connector. Mid-IR is available upon request.

Multimode UVVIS—often used to collect light from wide-bandgap devices or illuminating devices with a UV light source. This fiber can be customized with smaller core sizes, a 0.12 numerical aperture, or with an FC connector.

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