Model 643 electromagnet power supply

Model 643 features

  • Bipolar, linear, true 4-quadrant output
  • ±70 A/±35 V, 2.5 kW
  • Can be modulated to frequencies up to 0.17 Hz at ±70 A
  • Low noise
  • 0.1 mA of programmed current resolution
  • Analog programming and IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces
  • Built-in fault protection
  • Compact design

The Model 643 electromagnet power supply is a linear, bipolar current source providing true 4-quadrant output, eliminating the need for external switching or operator intervention to reverse current polarity. The Model 643 is capable of supplying ±70 A/±35 V to a nominal 0.5 W, 0.5 H load, and the output can be modulated from an external source to frequencies up to 0.17 Hz at ±70 A. Internally programmed output provides 20-bit resolution, while externally programmed output provides unlimited resolution.

The compact, low-noise design of the Model 643 makes it the ideal supply for use in laboratory settings. When combined with a Lake Shore EM-4V 4-inch electromagnet and Model 475 DSP gaussmeter, the Model 643 provides a versatile field control system ideal for a wide range of user-defined applications. These include but are not limited to magneto-optical, magnetic hysteresis and susceptibility, and Hall effect measurements, as well as in-line annealing.

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