CCR Mössbauer cryostats


CCR Mössbauer cryostat features

  • <4.5 K to 300 K
  • Cryogen-free
  • Sample in exchange gas
 OpticalApplicationMinimum temperatureMaximum temperature
CCS-800Mössbauer<4.5 K300 K
Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

Optimized for Mössbauer spectroscopy, the Lake Shore CCS-800 provides uniform cooling of powders and irregularly shaped solid samples without introducing vibrations (and subsequent line broadening). Samples are top‑loaded into static helium thermal exchange gas, eliminating the need for careful thermal anchoring. The CCS-800 is supplied with an integrated pneumatically isolated mounting stand.

Temperature controllerEvery cryostat comes with a Lake Shore temperature controller and calibrated sensor

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MeasureLINK control software