Lake Shore to demo M81-SSM and other material research solutions at MRS Fall Exhibit
Visit Lake Shore Cryotronics at MRS Fall Booth 908

Lake Shore Cryotronics will be showcasing a wide range of material characterization products, including the new MeasureReady™ M81-SSM synchronous source measure system, at next week’s MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston.

Optimized for low-level measurement applications, the M81-SSM provides highly synchronized DC, 100 kHz AC, and mixed DC + AC sourcing and measuring — including both voltage and current lock-in measurement capabilities — for researchers exploring the electrical properties of early-stage materials or devices. The modular system allows signal and source amplifiers to be located as close as possible to the samples being characterized, and by having both DC and AC sourcing and measurement in one instrument, the M81-SSM can eliminate the need for mixed-instrument setups, greatly simplifying the setup of complex characterization configurations.

In Booth 908, the company will be demonstrating the M81-SSM system set up to measure small photocurrents of a diode mounted in a Lake Shore VNF-100 cryostat as well as the low-resistance measurement capabilities of the system with its balanced current source and voltage measure modules wired to a copper bar.

The company will also be demoing its FastHall™ Station, a tabletop solution for rapid, convenient Hall analysis using patented FastHall measurement technology as provided by the included M91 FastHall measurement controller, which delivers significantly higher levels of precision and speed as compared to traditional Hall measurement solutions. In addition, Lake Shore will be previewing a new solution for easily integrating the FastHall controller into a Quantum Design PPMS® for high-resistance Hall measurements.

Also on display in the Lake Shore booth:

  • The tabletop TTPX cryogenic probe station—an affordable, entry-level station capable of making a wide variety of material measurements as a function of variable temperature; Lake Shore offers a wide range of stations for performing on-wafer DC, RF, or high-frequency measurements at temperatures as low 1.6 K and in fields to as high as 5 T under vacuum
  • The CCS-100 cryostat, an environment by Janis solution for <4 K to 300 K experiments where researchers require optical access to the sample
  • A 1.5 K continuous closed-cycle refrigerator cryostat that allows users to cool samples to 1.5 K without the inconvenience and expense of liquid helium

In addition, representatives will be available to answer questions about the company’s:

  • MeasureReady MagRS magnetic research systems, versatile, multi-purpose electromagnet platforms that provide all the components needed for automated, variable-field experiments
  • Award-winning 8600 Series VSMs, which combine high sensitivity (15 nemu) and rapid measurement speed (10 ms/pt) in a simple-to-operate system for characterizing magnetic materials
  • Full selection of cryogenic measurement and control products, including cryogenic sensors, monitors, and controllers optimized for low-temperature material research