Lake Shore’s new 12-channel temperature monitor advances cryogenic applications
New 12-channel Model 224 monitor from Lake Shore

Lake Shore announced today the release of its new Model 224 cryogenic temperature monitor. Expanding on its line of industry-leading precision instruments for reliable and repeatable temperature measurement, the Model 224 is the company's most capable temperature monitor to date.

The new monitor offers up to 12 independent channels, making it particularly useful for researchers who need to measure multiple sensors and sensor types while requiring high sensitivity for cryogenic applications.

The Model 224 is an ideal addition to any university and commercial research lab requiring measurement flexibility in low-temperature applications. With many of the same advanced capabilities as the Lake Shore Model 336 temperature controller, the Model 224 supports Lake Shore high-sensitivity Cernox™ thin-film RTD sensors as well as other NTC RTDs, PTC RTDs such as platinum sensors, and diodes such as the Lake Shore DT-670 Series.

With its 12 independently configurable inputs, the Model 224 can support simultaneous measurement of various critical points in a system. Features of the Model 224 include:

  • Improved measurement performance at temperatures down to 300 mK
  • Customizable, LED-backlit display for intuitive user interaction
  • Ethernet, USB, and IEEE-488 computer interfaces for remote monitoring and automated instrument operation
  • Four high-resolution, 24-bit analog-to-digital converters for fast measurements (up to 10 times/s)

The Model 224 is designed to offer maximum monitoring capabilities for both higher temperature and cryogenic applications, such as:

  • Multiple cryogenic refrigeration systems, including liquid nitrogen Dewars, He-4 cryostats, and closed-cycle refrigerators
  • Multiple stages within systems operating at different temperature levels
  • Thermal gradient profiling
  • Redundant measurements of critical values
  • Leak detection

For more information about the Model 224 and how it can be deployed in a specific lab or other monitoring application, contact Lake Shore at or visit the Model 224 product page.