Max hold

The largest field magnitude measured (since the last reset) is displayed with the max hold function.


When the field being measured is noisy, using the filter function will average readings to produce a more stable display.


An audible alarm is sounded and the display indicator flashes when the measured field is higher than the keypad-entered alarm point.

Zero probe

Used to eliminate probe offsets and small external fields.

Relative reading

Used to show small variations in large background fields. When activated, relative function displays deviation from a specific setpoint.


Automatically selects the appropriate range.

Memory hold

On power down the Model 410 stores the complete instrument configuration in nonvolatile memory, including the calibration number and probe offset, making it unnecessary in most cases to go through a setup procedure on power up.


Transverse probe—The transverse probe measures magnetic fields
perpendicular to the probe axis.

Transverse probe for the Model 410 handheld gaussmeter

Axial probe—The axial probe has the Hall sensor mounted perpendicular to the probe axis and measures magnetic fields parallel to the probe axis.

Axial probe for the Model 410 handheld gaussmeter

Stock probes

The most commonly ordered probes for this gaussmeter. Other Hall probes are available. Or visit the Hall probe selection guide.

Stock probes for the Model 410 gaussmeter