SVT-400 high-efficiency cryostat

Designed for maximum efficiency at any temperature range, the SVT-400 will hold liquid helium for more than 40 h during sample zone use (or more than 100 h if the sample zone is static). The sample tube is surrounded by a nitrogen-temperature radiation shield; therefore operation at elevated temperatures does not place any additional heat load on the helium reservoir.

Standard configuration

The Lake Shore SVT-400 variable temperature cryostat is designed to run efficiently with either liquid helium or liquid nitrogen. The system's ultra-low cryogen consumption, remarkable temperature homogeneity, and stability make it ideal for long or short-term experiments. The top-loading sample positioner features quick sample exchange and is offered with a variety of sample holders.

The standard cryostat is supplied with strain-relief mounted, replaceable quartz windows. Various choices of window materials are available to cover most regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, including gamma rays, UV, visible, and IR radiation. Typical applications include transmission, reflection, Raman spectroscopy, neutron diffraction, Mössbauer spectroscopy, and other magneto-optical and electro-optical experiments.

Tubular tailed systems are offered for electrical and magnetic measurements, compact VSM, Hall effect, and NMR experiments. Both high-temperature and low-temperature experiments are economically performed using the most desirable cryogen.

Complete turnkey systems are supplied with various choices of thermometry, for use both in and out of magnetic fields and at high-temperature ranges.

Standard features:

  • Indium sealed, strain relief cold windows
  • Radiation shield cold windows
  • 50/25 Ω heaters on vaporizer heat exchanger/sample mount
  • Helium valve
  • Instrumentation feedthrough on cryostat body
  • 8-pin and 10-pin electrical feedthroughs on sample positioner
  • Optical or blank sample holders
  • Standard silicon diode control thermometers
  • Isothermal zone sample tube (provides uniform sample temperature and enhanced operation with LN2)


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SVT-400 high-efficiency SuperVariTemp  reservoir cryostat

STV-400 specifications

LHe reservoir capacity6 L
LN2 reservoir capacity5 L
LHe hold times:
Static sample zone90 h
Sample zone use (<10 K)36 h
LN2 hold time36 h
Temperature range:
LHe1.5 to 300 K
LN2*65 to 300 K
Temperature stability±0.1 K
Outer tail dimensions:
Optical (including retainers)4.38 in
Non-optical3.00 in
Optical66 lb
Non-optical55 lb
Optical windows4 radial
Solid angle38°
f number1.4
* Optional high temperature to 600 K is available on non-optical systems.


Optional configurations

Model SVT-400 for Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Other window configurations are available.Model SVT-400 for Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Model SVT-400 with Sample in Vacuum

The Model SVT-400 with sample in vacuum replaces the Model VT-100 cryostat. Instead of having a sample positioner with a sample holder cooled by flowing vapor, as the standard Model SVT-400 cryostat does, this special Model SVT-400 cryostat has an optical sample holder mounted to the bottom of the sample tube. This allows the gas in the sample tube to cool the sample holder while the sample is held in a vacuum.

Model SVT-400T-XG for Neutron Studies

This helium-cooled variable temperature cryostat is for neutron scattering.Model SVT-400T-XG for Neutron Studies