SuperVariMag superconducting magnet systems — SVM Series

The standard SuperVariMag systems offer magnetic fields of 6 to 9 T (niobium-titanium coils) and 10 to 14 T (niobium-tin coils), sample tubes of 1.0 in to 1.5 in diameter, and a 20 L useful capacity open neck helium reservoir in a vapor shielded superinsulated Dewar.

Standard configuration

While the standard systems offer a vertical magnetic field and split pair coils, double or triple coil configurations are also offered in various field strengths for horizontal field directions or rotating vector fields. Please contact us for a list of available designs or for a custom-designed magnet system.

SuperVariMag systems can also be supplied in larger helium capacity Dewars, where a "belly" in the helium reservoir provides an increased helium capacity above the magnet. They can also be supplied in an ultra-low loss (ULL) cryostat that offers a static loss rate between 4 and 5 L/day with the magnet and variable temperature insert in position. The high-efficiency systems usually incorporate a low current magnet design and a cryostat with a nitrogen reservoir, superinsulation, and an additional radiation shield between the helium and nitrogen reservoirs to provide the ultimate efficiency in a top-loading system.

When required, we also offer 9 T/11 T up to 14 T/16 T magnets with a Lambda point refrigerator (LPR) for operation at the higher field with the reservoir at atmospheric pressure. SuperVariMag systems offer efficient cost-effective systems with static hold times that range from two to ten days and are available with field homogeneities of 0.5% and 0.1% over a 1 cm diameter sphere. Larger sample tubes (3 to 4 in OD), higher field homogeneities (0.01 % or better over 1 cm diameter sphere), and special field profiles are available. Non-optical experiments such as critical current, resistivity, specific heat, Hall effect, etc. are easily performed with a SuperVariMag system. With the addition of appropriate gradient, modulation, and pick-up coils, the SuperVariMag system is easily adapted for use in Faraday balance susceptometry, vibrating sample magnetometry, etc.

The SuperVariMag series may be used in conjunction with an optional independent magnet support and wiring system, thus allowing a magnet to be used with more than one insert. In this configuration, the SVT insert can be introduced and removed without disturbing the magnet.

Lake Shore — environment by JANIS

9TM-SVM-20 high-efficiency superconducting magnet

Standard SuperVariMag systems specifications

System modelMagnetic field strengthField homogeneitySample tube diameterDewar type
*Th-SVM-d6 to 9 T±0.5 to ±0.01%1.0 to 2.5 inVapor shielded
*Th-SVM-d-B6 to 9 T±0.5 to ±0.01%1.0 to 2.5 inVapor shielded with belly
*Th-SVM-d-HiEff6 to 9 T±0.5 to ±0.01%1.0 to 2.5 inUltra-low loss
*Th-SVM-d10 to 12 T±0.1%1.0 to 2.5 inVapor shielded
*Th-SVM-d-B10 to 12 T±0.1%1.0 to 2.5 inVapor shielded with belly
*Th-SVM-d-HiEff10 to 12 T±0.1%1.0 to 2.5 inUltra-low loss
*Specify a number for the intensity of the magnetic field.
h: Specify the homogeneity "h"
d: Specify the diameter of the sample chamber "d"
Systems available with Lambda point refrigerators upon request.


Other configurations

Sample probe with precision rotator for He4 and He-3 cryostats

For applications that require rotation of the plane of the sample relative to a vertical magnetic field, we also offer two options. The first one offers continuous rotation of the plane of the sample, and the second one offers a precision rotation, typically up to 100°. The precision rotator is also offered for inserts where the sample is located in vacuum. These sample rotators can be supplied for both non-optical as well as optical systems. 9TM-SVM-20 sample probes with rotator

Special SuperVariMag systems

The SuperVariTemp inserts can also be supplied for applications that require the sample to be in a high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum environment. Special compact inserts (with or without superconducting magnets) are also available to fit inside standard or special liquid helium storage Dewars, but with limited sample space. Please contact us for more detailed information about the available systems.

Model 9TM-SVM-20 high-efficiency superconducting magnet system

Lake Shore is pleased to offer an ultra-low loss liquid helium cryostat with a 9 T superconducting magnet and two top-loading inserts (He-3 and He-4). Both inserts are available with a precision rotation stage that allows you to rotate the sample holder around a horizontal axis, perpendicular to the vertical magnetic field direction. The angle of rotation can be changed in 0.2° increments and sample rotators are shown in the displayed photograph for both He-3 and He-4 inserts. The sample rods are removable without warming up the cryostat or magnet, allowing quick sample exchange. Please ask for our model 9TL-SVM-TLSLHe3-HiEff superconducting magnet system for more detailed information. 9TM-SVM-20 high-efficiency superconducting magnet